Saturday, September 23, 2017

How to Update and Outdated Chair

When I purchased a kitchen table at the thrift store, it came with three, outdated, less-than-lovely chairs.  Hello 1990!
before picture of an old chair updated with wood and paint

I almost left them at the store, but I had room in my truck so I threw them in, and I am happy I did. I eliminated a few parts and pieces and added some paint and barnwood to update the outdated!

use paint and barnwood to give an old kitchen chair a rustic farmhouse look
I cut the back rungs off with a jigsaw and removed the arms and seat. I then lightly sanded the chair and painted it green (Bay Leaf). 
Upcycle an old chair with paint and barn wood
I spray-painted the brass wheels with black paint and added a reclaimed wood seat and back.  I screwed he boards in for the chair back and used the nail gun to attach the seat boards, Some Special Walnut stain and clear coat finished the update.
rustic farmhouse style chair made with barnwood and paint
So much better, right?


  1. Definitely better! I love repurposing chairs & dressers. I'm currently looking for the right dresser to turn into a bench. Love that color Becky. Nice job.

    1. Thank you Deb. I love the dresser benches, have never made one.


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