Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday Verses

short devotional about practicing gratitude
Happy Sunday! Living in Montana means we are no strangers to winter. Because we choose to live here, we try to embrace our ever-changing weather. But, it has been an extra wintry winter so far with lots of snow, sub-zero temperature days, and horrible driving conditions. My attitude has been less than positive and far from thankful, and I have had what I use to tell my students to avoid, stinkin' thinkin'. Earlier in the week as I was grumbling once again about the cold and fog, my daughter bounded down the stairs exclaiming, "It is so pretty out, I love it." I decided to bundle up and head outside and take a few photos of the ice crystals clinging to everything. And, she was right, it was beautiful--even our rusty burn barrel was transformed by the frosty fog. I was reminded once again how our attitudes and how practicing gratitude improves our lives. Science now shows that being thankful actually changes our mental health for the better. This year I am returning to the practice of keeping a gratitude journal and I am going to focus on rejoicing and being thankful in all circumstances.

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