Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Verses

devotional on what God's grace is and isn't
Happy Sunday! Water cutting through rock, changing it gradually is a natural occurrence that is beautiful and really quite amazing. I mean, it is ROCK--solid, tough, hard, and something we think of as unchanging. Grace, God's unmerited favor, changes us. Grace is God saying, "You are my favorite. I love you and I want to be closer to you, to strengthen you, to help you." Grace is NOT about making us feel horrible and guilty, it doesn't point a finger. God doesn't give us grace so he can use us. Grace allows us to have a relationship with Jesus, to walk and "hang out" with him. I am grateful that as I get closer to God and spend more time with him, his grace strengthens and changes me bit by bit .


  1. Hi Becky. I wanted you to know that because of you and your posts, I have started reading my Bible daily again. Thank you.

  2. "We can talk to God and listen to his casual reply..." John Denver

  3. This is beautiful! The amazing love of God, indeed, changes us and molds us into who we should be! Love this picture and all it represents!

    God bless you! Net


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