Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Upcycled Nesting Tables

Upcycle Metal Nesting Tables
I spied these nesting tables on our local Facebook garage sale page and was shocked when I actually GOT them because typically I am the tenth next when I see something I like. I actually got two matching sets for $15 total.
upcycle modern nesting tables with reclaimed barn wood

I knew one pair of tables would get a rustic makeover. I took the metal tops off and added warm, reclaimed, barn wood. 

Makeover garage sale tables with reclaimed, salvaged barn wood
It was a bit of a challenge to attach the tops, but I screwed in 1" x 1" braces on the short sides. I then screwed through these and into the holes in the metal where the metal tops where attached.
add barn wood to metal table bases to give them a rustic industrial look

I pieced two boards together for the smaller table and used one, large, lovely barnwood piece for the larger table. I finished them with a clear coat.

rustic industrial barn wood tables
I like them in my library (this railing is coming down and changing soon!), but I will probably take them to my booth to sell. Of course,  I still have another set...
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update garage sale tables by adding reclaimed barn wood to the metal bases


  1. I love the rustic wood look next to the industrial look of the metal. Congrats on getting a good deal.

    1. Thank you! There is just something about metal and wood that I love.

  2. I need to get some tables like this. I like the way they hide beneath.

    1. I love nesting tables. They are great when you need an extra table.

  3. These turned out perfectly!!! gorgeous! what a great idea! now I will be on the hunt too.


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