Thursday, February 15, 2018

Update Thrift Store Wooden Bowls

great ideas to upcycle and repurpose commonly found thrift store items
I am on the road for my daughter's indoor track meet and a thrift store makeover did not happen before I left. I am sharing a favorite past thrift store project--painting wood bowls.
paint thrift store bowls with colorful paint to update them

I always look for good wood bowls at the thrift store, they are plentiful. 

Thrift Store Wood Bowls BEFORE

I clean them up with some white vinegar, they are often fairly greasy from the protective oil that is on them. I keep them near my paint table and "clean" my paint brushes on the wood bowls. 
wood bowls upcycled with colorful paint
When I finish painting a piece, before I clean the brush I paint the extra paint on the bowls.
Paint Thrift Store Bowls

Soon, I have colorful, fun wood bowls to decorate with. Using command adhesive, I hung some of the bowls above my French doors. I finish them with coconut oil and use some of them with a cloth napkin for bread or other dry foods.

They are great sellers too! 
repurpose and upcycle easy to find thrift store bowls


  1. They look amazing on the wall!


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