Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Verses

short devotional on prayer
Happy Sunday! My sweet girl just turned sixteen. Looking through old photos reminded me of what a strong-willed and persistent child she was. For example, there was the time she wanted to ride the boats at an amusement park, even though no one else was small enough to ride with her. I thought she would be too scared, but after much pleading, I finally said yes. She loved them--even if she did go round and round, starring wide-eyed, gripping the steering wheel, and refusing to ring the bell. God wants us to be like the tenacious toddler. He wants us to relentlessly ask him for what we need and want. He longs to know that we are seeking him for the big, the small, and the in-between. Unlike us, he doesn't roll his eyes or shout, "Stop! Enough! Quit asking." God knows what we need, and although his answers may be different from what we think want, I KNOW he hears us, he answers us, and he wants us to bring EVERYTHING to him. The answer is always no when we DON'T ask, so let's not give up in the asking.


  1. That photo is adorable. Thanks for another great message.

  2. I can be pretty repetitive in my prayer requests & sometimes I would feel like I shouldn't keep asking. Thanks for the insight into this. I really appreciate it.


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