Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A Springy Treat Tray

Okay, I promise I really am using way less seasonal and holiday decor and have very little to store away. But, I did decided to add a wee bit of spring to the treat tray or "station" that sits on my counter. 
Add Easter Candy to a snack station
I shared in February that I had added this lazy Susan that I painted burnt orange to my counter. This space is on the corner and completely out of the way. I keep treats and snacks on it. Everyday decor for it includes blue pieces.
Use a lazy susan as a snack station
The blue went up in the cupboard until May, and I added some thrift store finds and a couple items I made. I also had a FAILED project for the tray that ended up in the trash. I will share that in a minute.
Cabbage Ware dish
I picked up the cabbage ware covered dish a few months ago. Cabbage ware is hot this year for spring, but I had no idea when I bought it. I just liked it. It holds some wrapped hard candies.
Vintage Hull Draped Vase
The vintage draped Hull vase is a recent thrift store purchase. it is a different green from the cabbage ware, but that doesn't bug me at all--I love using all the colors. The faux branches are also thrifted and are so realistic looking and were only 50 cents total. I love the height and life they add to the snack vignette.
Easter Candy Jar
So, on this larger, squatty jar lid I thought I would make a cabbage leaf from homemade baking soda and cornstarch clay.
A Springy Treat Tray
I did a layered leaf and thought it would look pretty good with paint after it dried. But...it broke and fell apart as it dried. I first I tried to fix it, but by the next morning it was unfixable and ended up in the trash.
Antique gold rub-n-buff
I washed the lid and used antique gold Rub-n-Buff on it (I had painted the lid with chalkboard paint several years ago). 
Faux succulent
I looked around and had this little faux succulent I had recently picked up at the thrift store (someone's leftover wedding favors as there were several of them). I liked the green and touch of pink on it so I pulled it out of the wood block, cut the stem, and hot glued it to the gold lid. 
A Springy Treat Tray
This jar may stay out as it isn't necessarily just spring. Cadbury mini eggs now come in bright rainbow colors which makes my rainbow loving heart happy.
Easter candy
For the spring colored M-n-M jar I hot glued a canning lid to the ring and then used then hot glued a $1 thrift store bunny to the top. I used the Antique Gold Rub-n-Buff on all of it, using a small, old paintbrush to get into the tiny spaces.
A Springy Treat Tray
A dish of mixed nuts sitting on a stack of small dessert plates and a vintage canning jar with peanuts are a regular part of the snack station.
salt grinder
A salt grinder also sits on the tray.
A Springy Treat Tray
It's fun to have treats out for the family and for guests. The mini eggs test my willpower, but a few after dinner are a sweet treat. After April, the gold bunny jar lid will go into the cabbage dish and go up in the cupboard. The green vase might go on display on top of my cupboards or I might sell it (I am not a vase collector). So, see I won't really have more spring decor to store. 

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