Friday, August 15, 2008

Aloha From The Island

I wish I was somewhere tropical, but alas, I am not. But I did finish up the island I had started a while back. And even though these pictures are taken in my driveway right before I loaded it up, I did stage it for you Ü. I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy!

The island is made from an old desk that I got curbside. The drawers on the left were broken, so I removed them and added the board for cookie sheets. The top drawer was not sliding well, so I took it out, removed on end of it and turned it around and put it back in the space for a shelf. I used a tin drip pan for the top--I cut a board to go under it for added stability and positioned it to hang over the back edge for a little sitting space (I may make stools to match if it doesn't sell right away). I put hooks on one side for towels or potholders and painted up the other side with chalkboard paint. I also put a board across the bottom, bead board on the back and locking casters. (not sure if you need a play by play, but you get one).

I am happy with the end product and it looked good sitting at my antique booth. Hopefully it won't sit there long!


  1. Oh I love it! it looks so cute. of course I love all things red I wish I had space for an Island Great Job:) have a great weekend

  2. Ummm, if I lived where you live I would come buy it. I don't have room for an island, but I'd sure try to make room. Very cool!

  3. Aghhhhh...this is GREAT! Just my luck that someone who knows someone who knows what I do just emailed me today with an antique desk they want to get rid of. Um, of course I want it, and now I know what I will try to do with it. I am actually in need of an island for our new kitchen. I will post pictures on my blog as soon as it is done.

    I just wish life would slow down long enough to do the things I want to do. Maybe when the kiddos get a bit older. :)



  4. I love how that turned out! The red is so cheerful, and the custom touches are really creative!


  5. Well done! Great job, I love seeing your imagination run wild! I too love to recycle stuff, and it is a great achievement when someone loves what you do, and buys them!!

  6. The very next old desk I find is going to become a copy cat. I love it.

  7. I love the island!! So creative! I wish that I had room for one. All of your projects are just wonderful.

  8. I love this. And who would have thunk it was just a road side find! You did a great job!



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