Thursday, August 6, 2009

Picnic Anyone?

I have had these picnic baskets in my booth and they haven't sold, so I decided to paint them and take them to Farmer's Market.

Last week, we had a wonderful trip to the Oregon Coast (I had posts ready to go for you all). We did spend a couple days in Portland in their record breaking heat! Here we are doing a little early morning shell hunting. Thanks for all of your sweet comments and happy anniversary wishes. Blogging buddies are the best!


  1. Oh - those are cute! You're sure to sell them!!!

  2. so cute!

    I just lined a vintage basket for my daughter.
    Good luck! I hope they sell quickly.

  3. The second one is amazing! Love it! You and your signature swirls. And happy belated anniversary! ~Mindy

  4. I think that they are so cute! Who wouldn't want to use one of those on a picnic!?

  5. My daughter just moved up to Seattle and has been shocked at the heat-wave!
    It was colder here in CO than it was there.
    Glad you had a great time.


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