Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank You

Thank you so much for all of the truly wonderful comments on my SITS day. I felt very loved. The highest compliment that I can be paid is to hear that I inspired many of you to try a project. That means so much to me, as that is my hope, to inspire others to see something in a different way, to see new life in something old. I am also excited that so many of you signed up to follow my blog.

To answer a few questions. Yes, I do sell my things, at the Farmer's Market in the summer and at a local antique place. I have a few other irons in the fire as well and am thinking of doing an etsy shop. Here is a picture of my daughter, selling some of her paintings this past week with me.

I do build things out of junk as well as painting on them. I built the potting table I showed, and lots of other things that you can find in past posts. I actually really love the building part. I paint my pieces free-hand and I am self-taught. Trial and error is a big part of it.

Here are a few chalkboards I did for last week's market. The one is an oceany blue color, hard to tell with the flash. It was so cold at the market, 45 degrees, but I did well, as did my daughter Ü.

PS--Someone wanted to link to my blog, that is great. I can't get your blog information from your post and it saidd you didn't share your blogger information.


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog thru SITS. You're on my blogroll on my blog so I don't miss a thing. So you do farmers markets. I was thinking of trying that to sell my chalkboards. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm glad SITS featured you or I would probably never have found you in the blogosphere.
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next and hopefully you will inspire some creativity in me.

  3. wow hun!
    179 comments!! Thats amazing! Congrats it was a fantastic post and lovely seeing all your treasures again...but my absolute fave was the red patchwork sewing table.
    Can only hope that my Blog is as loved as yours one day xx

    Annie x

  4. nice post...but...45 degrees at the August??!!? Where are you? Our Farmer's Market in August has the vendors setting up the produce doesn't melt!! Can hardly wait till September...don't want to rush time, but we need a cool breeze! *elaine*

  5. Cute blackboards! And what a wonderful idea to have your daughter there too. My favorite cupcake seller at the Farmer's Market had her young male cousin there, Duff, selling iced tea and lemonade. I had to buy an iced tea from him to support the entrepreneurial spirit!

  6. Glad you had a great SITS day! I don't know if I am crafty enough to try a project on my own... but maybe after reading your blog for a while I might venture out and see what I can do!!!

  7. Hi Becky!!! Of course you can link to my blog- thanks so much! I am SO happy that I can inspire someone like you- who's talent I admire so much! Keep up the great work.

    And how cute that your daughter is selling her paintings along with you! Precious!

  8. I love the chalkbaords! Your daughter is going to be creative just like you! Well..she already is! LOL

  9. Haha cute chalkboards! Great sell point!

  10. Thanks Bec, Im showing real restraint, but it is sooooo tough!!!
    Love the chalkboards, and I may have to try SITS!

  11. You totally need to get an Etsy shop. PRETTY, PRETTY, PLEASE!!!!

  12. Love the ladder message center on previous pot.
    Read all the posts before it too.
    You get a lot done.


    barbara jean


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