Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Having a Ball

So, Christmas decorating, hmm... In this economic time and season in our life, I am keeping it simple. Doing less, with less. I have also been on this organizing kick so I have not been creating, but feel great getting things cleaned out! Last year I showed you how I used Christmas balls purchased from thrift stores on my porch. Check it out here: Christmas on the porch. (It was 27 below zero today--not going outside to take new pictures Ü. ) This year I brought the balls inside too to use as filler and accents. I like their color, simplicity, and shine. I would love to hear about some of the ways you are keeping it simple this year.

This church was a card holder purchased on clearance at Traget quite a few years ago.
Notice the balls around the lamp and candle.

Sitting on the top of my wine rack.


  1. I love your church cardholder filled with Christmas ornaments, really cute.
    -27° is far too cold for my blood! It is supposed to get to to 6° tomorrow night and I am already dreading that! Try to stay warm, Bec!

  2. Your cardholder full of Christmas balls is really neat!

  3. i'm with you on the creating and cleaning out. i'm keeping it simple this christmas too. maybe it's the cold weather. maybe it's the dark nights. whatever, it will stay simple. i love your ball ideas. everything looks great.
    take care

  4. I love those balls!! Gorgeous- festive and colorful!


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