Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eye Candy

Over Thanksgiving in my hometown of Billings, I got to visit one of my favorite "looking" stores, Raffia (click on the link to check out their blog). When I am there I feel like I have stepped into an issue of Home Companion (RIP). Creative ideas are everywhere--thought I'd share a few. Sorry pictures were taken on the phone so quality is not great (neither are the ones that I take with a real camera Ü). Make sure you click on the pictures to enlarge them and see everything!

Loved the red locker decked out for Christmas. The wall treatment? Old Reader's Digest pages stapled at the top of each page to the wall
Loved the scenes on paper behind these windows. I am thinking of putting a window up and having my kids paint different scenes for different seasons.
This wall treatment has always been a favorite--decoupaged napkins.

Love the Santa hat chair covers, and an ornament sitting on each plate, plus more of the great Reader's Digest wall.

Great green sofa and red bench coffee table, but really wanted to show you the floor treatment, or untreatment. It is the glue stuck from old linoleum floor tiles being pulled up. I once asked hubby if I could glue down old tiles and then pull them up to get this treatment in our new house--he nixed that idea!

Loved the yummy blue cabinet against the burnt orange wall.

Pink and green confection--notice the rough pink beadboard.I want to sit here and have tea--love that birdcage lighting fixture--complete with birds on a wire!
And who wouldn't love a holiday red table and chairs?

Keep yours open this season for inspiration everywhere!


  1. I love the floor too, my husband would probably think I have flipped if I asked to do the same!
    I like the red table and chairs, maybe I'll paint mine!
    Im trying to get in the swing of Christmas, very hard this year!

  2. Hey! Great pictures! That floor is cool and everything else too! Sigh. I've been decking out my house all weekend...I'm pooped. Hope you show us your house decorated soon! Andrea

  3. hey becky...this is janelle shultz (chloe's mom from pre-school). i found you under the sisters/raffia blog in the comments (i posted under you) & clicked on your name. lo & behold it's YOU! wow! funny! i teach at sisters when they have retreats for scrappin :). & i have a blog too! glad to see you in blogville! love all your projects! so fun! & so up my alley!

  4. What a fun store with lots of ideas! Hadn't stopped by in a while and wanted to say merry Christmas!!

  5. Love the store ... the floor, and the santa chair covers. very ingeneous wall treatments .... Billings is so far....

  6. Gorgeous!!!! Wow- wish we had a shop like that around here.

  7. OH I could spend hours in this store. I love the red table and chairs. SO homey.

  8. Kathy,
    I tried to contact you, but I couldn't figure out how to. When I click on your name it says I do not have access to your blog and I tried on the site you provided, but all that came up was contact, but no way to actually contact you.


  9. Oh how I would love to have a red table and chairs for the holidays. Love all the eye candy! Happy Holidays!

  10. Hey Becky, my email is



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