Monday, November 9, 2009

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

I know, you are expecting to see abeautiful mudroom. Aint gonna happen today--I just got home --unexpected happenings today, all good though. Thought I'd show you the mirrors on my daughter's wall. The coloring on this pic is horrible. Teenage son is taking a photography class and keeps messing with my camera and I don't know how to "unmess" it.

I collected these hand mirrors for a few months. I refused to pay more than $5 for each mirror--most were bought for $2. I wrapped ribbon around the handles and used a few dots of hot glue to secure it. They look like they need a cleaning--better go do that. Look for the mudroom tomorrow or Wednesday.
Also, I must apologize to sweet Jennifer at Momma Made It Look Easy (don't you love that blog name?) who gave me this great award a few weeks back for being an inspiration. How sweet --thanks Jen--you made my day then and again now Ü. Please visit her great blog and leave her a note. I love her random thoughts posts on Tuesdays.


  1. Which I haven't done yet today. Ooops. But I really like this idea. Very cute.

  2. you are a girl after my own $2 heart!! and hey....why clean a mudroom when you can decorate with vintage
    the mirror look is adorable!!! i would much rather sew than go put my clean clothes away!!!
    take care


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