Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mudroom Part 2

So here is a little more of the mudroom makeover. I did not paint the walls--I would like to but didn't have painting a room in me right now. Remember, I am trying to use only things I have so it isn't magazine beautiful--more a hodgepodge of things that are working to keep it neater. Tune in tomorrow for part 3, the completed room and the fun storage solutions I came up with.

This is my ironing board. It was a boring old oak cabinet. I added the paint and chalkboard paint. The towel holder next to it was something I bought years ago at a home interior party or something. It was still in the box. Not my favorite but we have a hot tub so a place for towels is a must. The kids hang the wet ones here and can find the clean ones rolled up. This is over a heater vent so they dry quickly. I spray painted the wire basket to hold miscellaneous catalogs, etc.Here is a better picture of the baskets and ribbon trimmed shelf above the washer and dryer.
I had this vintage shelf/cart (it is on wheels) in my room holding books. I painted another wooden shelf I had for my bedroom. I added the one board for an extra shelf, the other two are glass. I would like to find brown towels to set on these shelves for wet shoes, then I could throw them in the wash when needed. We have been using the shoe shelf for a week and a half and so far everyone is using it--even teenage son and he has been the worse shoes-all-over-the-place offender. Previously a garbage can sat in this space and junk the kids dropped there. The garbage can is now on the wall where the ironing board is, under the wire basket.
One of my favorite changes was to take the rod out of the closet and add hooks instead. I buy these hooks in bulk so I already had plenty--they are the same ones you see on my chalkboards and things. Each hook holds 2 coats and it makes it so much easier and more accessible for the kiddos. I was planning on putting a second row of hooks down low for my daughter, but decided it would be too low with our coats hanging down. For now I have a basket holding more shoes. I have a rug under the basket. Some boots sit to the side. I want a shoe shelf, but I am not buying one right now--may make one eventually. This closet has a sliding pocket door which is nice.
I am sure many of you do this, and I already had this, but had to show it because it really is the best solution for hats and gloves and scarves--a shoe pocket organizer.
The metal door going into the garage became a magnetic art board.
I hope you are getting a few ideas for your space. I am saving the best ideas for last Ü.


  1. i feel can you come clean my craft room????
    you room looks fantastic. can't wait to see the best for last....

  2. It's looking great! I am doing the same thing with my closet in the mudroom! Funny! The hooks make more sense for our family because my 10, 6 and 4yr olds don't quite get the hanger thing. ;) I'll be adding the second row since my younger ones can't reach. Well done and thanks for the timely post! So organized!

  3. I love the little chalkboard door and the towel holder looks cute! Good job!

  4. I LOVE this - you have done a GREAT job!!! My laundry room isn't this big - but I would love to make a few "adjustments" to it! And want to hear something really funny - I have the EXACT same washer & dryer as you and NO they are NOT a matching set!!! LOL!

  5. Greatjob on your mud room. We don't have one per say but am wanting to set up a space in our basement. Bought some old milk jugs at a thrift store - we will see how it goes!


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