Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Under $100 Linky Party!!

Oh my, where have I been?  So sorry for my little unexpected blogging break.  No worries, all is fine, just busy, busy and away from the computer.  With 2 kids in track, 1 in HS and 1 in MS, I have been averaging 4 track meets a week, and let me tell you, track meets aren't short sporting events (or for the faint of heart here in MT--I have been sitting through all kinds of weather and was even attacked by a flying high jump pit that got caught up in a whirlwind).  Then I had company over the weekend and blah, blah, blah!  
So let's get rolling with some fabulous links from last week!
What fun party trays at Tattered and Inked!
I want to try this planting idea from Tracy:
Or how about making some adorable platter art from House of Hepworths?  You have to see what this started out as!
And what little boy (or girl) wouldn't love all of the creative space party ideas from My House of Giggles?
These beautiful PB inspired candle holders from Finding Fabulous would be perfect on a patio,
Confessions of a Curbside Shopaholic got me again with her bench!
And I am so loving this DIY artwork from The Thriftress!
So, link up, show us what you got and think spring!  (We are supposed to maybe have a foot or more of snow by Friday!)  Oh, and please remember to link to the SPECIFIC post!

Under $100 Linky Rules:
1. Please include a description in your link post.
2. Only post an idea that cost $100 or less--it would be great if you tell us the cost of your project, but not a must.
3. Please link to the specific post, not to your blog.
4. Please grab my 100 ideas under $100 button on the side bar and include it in your post so people can find us.
5. Check and make sure your link works--I often click on people's links and they don't work. If it doesn't, try again--you can let me know and I can delete the one that doesn't work.


  1. Thanks so much for hosting every week Becky! I am so glad you the booties arrived safely!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  2. Becky...thanks so much for featuring my rocket party!! And thanks for hosting another great party :)
    Can't wait to check out everything that's linked up this week!

  3. Thanks for hosting my trays! I love your party you have! Can't wait to see what fun things everyone comes up with this week! :)

  4. Thanks for the feature!!!!!!!!! Yay!! That was really nice of you!!! I'm doing a link party (just started it like an hour ago). I'd love for you to stop by!!

  5. These are great! Good luck with the snow, it started snowing here a few minutes ago. Hopefully you will see some spring soon!

  6. Thanks for hosting


    barbara jean

  7. Good for you for being a mom! I loved running track!

  8. Becky,
    Thanks so much for featuring my chair bench! I'm so glad you liked it. I WAS getting worried about you, it's good to hear all is well, just crazy busy. Take care, and enjoy those track meets, they'll be over before you know it!

  9. Thanks so much for featuring my tree canvas! It's an honor to be featured along with so many beautiful projects!

  10. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!!

    I always link up the night before and watch the party I have over 40 guests to mingle with in a hurry!!!

    Would you be so kind to link to Shop Your House?

    I want everyone to see these great ideas!!

  11. Every time I come over here to visit you I want to go home and destroy stuff and start over. LOLOL Good grief! Those are some fantastic ideas! I'm gonna go visitin'!

    I have missed you - but those track meets... I completely understand. LOL

    ;-) robelyn

  12. Hi, I would like to know if you want to be part of a Link Party Directory that I am putting together on my new blog Tools Are For Women Too! All I ask in return is that you link up to my party as well, called Modern Craftswoman Monday . Just let me know. Thank you, Rory

  13. Love that bench from Curbside Shopaholic! Thanks for hosting!

  14. Thanks for hosting an awesome party. I'm not linking anything up I'm just visiting the blogs, there are some crafty girls out there! I'll try and link up next time.

  15. Where have you been all my blog life? I love what you do! I'm definitely posting your button and putting you on the blogroll.

  16. Hi There,
    I recently added a Link Party Directory to my blog site, Tools Are For Women Too!, listing just over 100 link parties. I made sure that your party was included. Here is the link Please take a look at it when you have time and link back to me somehow ,if possible. I also do a link party called Modern Craftswoman Monday. Thank you. Rory


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