Sunday, November 28, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Ideas--Day 3

On the third day of Christmas Beyond The Picket Fence showed to make a rustic tree.
This is a very simple project that you can make in under an hour.  I didn't take pictures of the process because it is very simple.  I started with two old pine paneling boards I had rescued from a burn pile.  I screwed them together and then cut an old 2x4 into graduating sizes (no rhyme or reason to this--just eye-balled it).  I painted the boards green and then hot glued them onto the pine paneling to secure them for screwing.  I drilled and screwed from the back and nailed a metal star ornament on the top.
I thought about adding rusty nails to the front to hang ornaments from, but like the simplicity of it as is.  Plus I put it out front where the snow and wind will hit it so I am not sure how the ornaments would do (guess I could use plastic ones--I will have to think about that).  But I love it how it is for now :).
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  1. Oh I love it! Very clever project! I'm glad you didn't add the nails or anything else -- the simplicity of it is what makes it so cool.

  2. Love the tree. What a great decoration!

  3. So cute! you could use that indoors or out!
    simple project. I like those best.

  4. oh my gosh...that is soooo cute!!! my mom had a bunch of 2 x 4s that she threw away because i couldn't really think of anything to make from them. duh. now i know!! thanks for sharing. your project is beyond adorable!!!!

  5. great idea i can see it used inside with the nails and button garland ;)

  6. I always love your creations! This time I added your tree to my Crafty Christmas roundup.

    Here's the link:

    You're my hero!


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