Monday, April 11, 2011

You Oughta Love This Ottoman

Okay, you may not love it, but I am quite enamored with it.  Especially because it started out looking like this:
I painted the legs and distressed them and then recovered it in an old curtain panel of mine.  Sorry, I was so busy working I didn't take pictures of the recovering process.  I cut a reactangle larger than the piece and ironed under the edges.  I then stapled to the underside. 
The legs were tricky,  I had to cut the fabric and fold it under and use upholstery tacks because I couldn't remove the legs (they were attached well and I was worried they would break in pieces if I forced the issue).  I did a little pleat on the corners. 

I also put a piece of fabric on the underside to completely hide the nastiness of the original piece.  
I am quite pleased with the results and would keep it if I still had these colors, but alas, it will be sold.


  1. Becky! That ottoman turned out so cute! It's amazing what a little paint and cute fabric can do!
    way to go

  2. That turned out so great! I love your fabric too. It looks perfect with that chair :)

  3. Nice job! I hope it was as simple as it sounded. I love ottomans! :)

  4. Love it!!! what a great transformation!

  5. I like how you painted accents of the red from the fabric on the legs. Nice touch!

  6. Looks great. Good job on it too!

  7. That's a good one! We really don't have to throw all our old stuffs at home, they can be redone artistically and beautifully.

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