Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Pre-Garage Working Routine

Some days I know exactly what I work on when I head out to the garage, but many days I do not.  Often times on those undecided days I head to my computer before hitting the garage (in days of old, it was the magazine stack I would look to for inspiration).  After 10 or 15 minutes of perusing blogs or pinterest I am "pumped up" and ready to hit the power tools and paint, the scrap pile and junk stash.  Here are a few things that caught my eye in this morning's pre-work workout.
I have the perfect suitcase for this great wall shelf from Blake Sloane.
What about this wine holder from Napa Style?  I like how the simple boards hold the wine, hmmm...
I want to make a shabby little wooden tray.
And an office cart.

Oh, the burlap on this chair is a perfect addition.
I am ready to go--beautiful images, better than Rocky's theme for getting pumped up!


  1. Such great inspiration! The suitcase on the wall is just outrageous!

  2. I check out my reading list and Pinterest to get pumped up, too. I may not follow anything I saw but I do get energized to create. ~ Maureen

  3. Oh I just love these ideas. I am an auctioneer and always looking for out-of-the-box ways to use items that are a hard sell. I am going to share on my site. Thanks!

  4. Pinned two of those things so the next time I go to an auction like today, I will say YEAH I want that stray chair I know just what to do with it! And the bed tray? How cute is that?


  5. Hey, do you know what the original source is of the chair.... It is so cute!

  6. What great ideas - I need to keep an eye out for a suitcase! Hope you found some good stuff!

  7. Wow, really cool chair! I do love the burlap and I really love the stenciling on the top of the chair, excellent work!


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