Monday, April 22, 2013

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

I think I am becoming a man.  Now before you get too excited, what I mean is that I am having a difficult time painting wood.  Some of the wood in my reclaimed wood stash is so beautiful I just can't paint it.  Thus was the case with this wine rack I made:
As you can see, I did get a little color in there, after all, I am still me--bright color girl :).
But, I chose to leave the lovely alder pieces as is.
And not only did I not paint them, I also did not stain them a dark color, but used a natural stain on them instead.
This was a simple enough build.  I started by making the shelves, screwing the ledge on up through the bottom of the shelf.
I then used fairly long screws to screw the shelves on through the back.  This does have heavy D rings on it to hang it on a wall.  But it needs molly bolts to keep it secure on a wall and since I am selling this, I do not need 2 (more) large holes in my walls.
PS--It was only a small glass of wine in the middle of the afternoon--all for staging the photo shoot.


  1. Precioso! La madera sin pintar es la mas bonita.

    Un saludo desde Madrid

  2. Great Becky! (and you're making me thirsty!) Nice BTPF style!

  3. Personally I think after all that hard work and making such a wonderful wine rack you deserve a small glass of wine. Wonderful project, love the painted shelf bottoms. I agree about the alder not being painted or even darkly stained. There are times to leave things be.
    My hubs made a great tray today out of reclaimed wood and some pellet pieces and it looks great just like it is. I'll get a light stain and then wax it, leave it as is. He's going to make another one little smaller also. Now have to make myself put it in for selling. I have a real thing for trays especially if they're different. Think I'll use chunky jute for the handles. I go crazy over great old wood.
    Happy Days

  4. Love the wine rack, but do have one suggestion, your bottles should tip towards the opening to keep the corks wet. I really love that you only add a splash of color, the natural wood speaks for it's self.

  5. Love it!! Perfect with the little "pops" of color :)


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