Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rustic Elegance

Rustic Elegance?  I am not sure if that is a real thing or a defined style.  But that is what I am calling this little dining set.
It started as a pile of pallet wood and two little restaurant, red vinyl covered chairs.
The table is the rustic part.  I added a little cream and turquoise paint under the grey.
I do not know what type of wood the top is made of, but goodness, this was the heaviest and hardest pallet wood I have ever used.
The chairs are the elegant part,
Yes, their chippy grey paint is still rustic, but the fabric adds a touch of elegance.
I perfect little dining set for a hip college apartment or a covered patio or porch.
PS--Don't you adore these little turquoise dessert dishes?  They are from an antique store, I got 10 of them for $12 and are the perfect size for many different delicious foods.


  1. Oh Becky, I love it - the rustic charm, the color and the pretty fabric! It all works beautifully together!

  2. That little dining table shows a lot of character too. Very nice!


  3. I love the color palette you chose for these! What a great set , Becky :)

  4. Love the table and chairs...I think the turquise little dishes are a real find... :)

  5. love it. all.

    I saw the cutest chippy farm table while thrifting the other day... I said to myself... I must make one of these! :) I need to make one. :) maybe the next cool break we get... but alas, I don't use pallet wood. I'm too lazy to take it apart...have you ever said how you do it?
    ps no-reply comment blogger. :( email goes to the cyberspace graveyard.

  6. Really nicely done. I especially like the fabric on the chairs and the "matching" plate and bowl. Beautiful! And, rustic elegance is a perfect name for it!


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