Friday, September 20, 2013

Autumn Blessings

My OLDER sister is one of my biggest supporters.  I think she genuinely loves most of what I make so when she called a couple days ago and requested a fall sign for her front porch how could I say no?

She had bought this sign from me late spring:
She has decided she needs a sign for each season, so I sign she will have :).  I do love her dearly, even if she is my bossy older sister ;-)!
Mom was coming through town so I had to whip this one out in a hurry.  Sis wanted some stripes or chevron and we decided on Autumn Blessings for the saying. This is what I came up with:
 I used a ruler to pencil out the chevron, painted the pumpkin first and then the stripes.
I stenciled the words and free handed a green shadow for the letters.  I know the "shadow" is not scientifically correct, i.e. there is shadow where there shouldn't be any.  Rocket scientist I am not, but quick sign painter I am. 
  I think big sis will enjoy it!
On another note, I purchased a fuzzy orange blanket for fall from TJ Maxx today--the dog approves.


  1. What a blessing to have your older sister in your life. I am an only w' my mom & dad, but oh so very thankful to have had 1 older 1/2 brother & 2 older 1/2 sisters. We have the same dad, guess I should say had. That's hard, because my dad, my 2 mothers & all 3 of my 1/2 siblings are in heaven. I miss them all very much. I had a very close relationship w' my oldest 1/2 sister. Her name was Cheryl & she was very talented like you Becky. She built a beautiful front deck/porch on her home in Plymouth, MA. But her true talent was that she could carve. She carved santa figurines, animals, old men, old women, children in various activities & angels, to list just a few. I have the most beautiful angel that she carved for me. She is swinging from a star. The Christmas before she passed she was apologizing cause she wasn't going to be able to send me a present, I lived in Nevada at the time. Anyway, I told her I already had my present, my beautiful angel that I would lovingly take out of her box to place on my mantel. My sister passed away in January of 2005. I didn't want to put away my angel. Christmas came & went, January came & went. Then in February I was gazing at my angel & realized that if I didn't put her away that the next Christmas without my dear sister I wouldn't have a "present" to open from my sister. So as hard as it was to do, I lovingly packed her away in her box so that I could open my sisters present at Christmas every year. Sorry for this ridiculous long comment, guess I just wanted to share & remind people to count their blessings. Autumn, winter, summer & spring! Take care & God bless you.

  2. awesome job! Best "fall" sign I've seen yet. :)


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