Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cozy Flannel

Are you ready for cozy flannel yet?

Today it looked like this in the mountains:
and was wet and rainy here in the valley, with the temps in the 40's.

Tomorrow it might be 80 again, but today was a flannel kind of a day. So I made myself a cup of tea and sewed a bit.  

I used some flannel shirts I had been picking up on half price days from the thrift stores.  (This is Montana--we have a plethora of flannel shirts!)  I had been collecting them to make a scarf.

A tip: when using thrift store clothes for fabric, always look in the big and tall and plus size sections--more fabric for your money.  
I cut the arms or body of the shirt into rectangles and sewed them into two identical long strips. I then sewed these, right sides together of course, into a tube, turned it, ironed it, and stitched the end closed.
Simple and cozy!  I am not sticking my tongue out at you, but to my daughter, who was laughing at the faces I was making while modeling the scarf.
I used a few of the extra pieces from the shirts to make a couple pillows.  I buttoned 2 different shirts together and also have a third shirt pattern for the back of each pillow.
I have always learned to cut the fabric the same size as the pillow form so that the pillow is nice and plump, i.e., if your pillow form is 16", cut a 16" square.  It does give these pillows a bit of man who has a beer gut look, 
but I still like them--warm and homey!


  1. The pillows are awesome and the scarf was a great idea. I adore plaid flannel and we have lots of plaid shirts in our home. I may need to make some pillows like this and switching up the shirt sides really makes them interesting.

  2. Very creative! Love the idea.
    Wow-snow already. I'm happy to see cooler weather, but not snow yet!

  3. I love the scarf and the pillows!! What a great idea! I bet Montana is beautiful....I am from Alabama and I'm quite jealous of your snow. It's still hot and dry here so I loved the frosty pic you posted. Thanks for sharing...:)

  4. I wish I could run out right now to my local thrift store- only problem is I'd have to break in since its 11:30 pm right now. First thing tomorrow for sure. I am so excited to make myself one of those scarves. It'll be cold enough for it here soon enough. They would make great Christmas gifts too. Oh boy, now I'm really excited. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. Gotta go to sleep now so tomorrow can get here. Bye.

  5. New to your blog.... Love it!!! These flannels 'repurposed' are perfect! BUT... we'd blend right into the couch pillows!!
    (WHERE'd ma & pa go??)

  6. Oh how cute! We like our flannel here in Washington too. I don't like the thought of cold weather yet though. Thanks for sharing such a great idea for scarves and for pillows Becky.

  7. Great ideas! Man with bear gut?....Don't look on my blog, lol.

  8. Hiding my face...... I did NOT just see snow, no, I can't bear to look.

  9. Love, love, love the flannel ideas! Thanks.

  10. and she sews too? :)

    I can sew, but I sure don't like too. Your great projects make me want to sew.. but we're still pretty hot here. I don't even want to think about flannel yet. Your post makes me realize how lucky I am to enjoy such a long DIY season (outdoors) Most of the year actually, only Dec, Jan, Feb are off limits...but even then there are still days I can do stuff. brrrr Happy to see your pics, but glad I don't live there! ;)
    great job Becky... loving the scarf and the pillows!

  11. Oh my goodness, you are brilliant! The scarves looks like Ralph Lauren to me :) Love them!! They would be so cute to wear with jeans. Love the beer belly pillows too. Thank you!! Love them so much!!

  12. been doing these for years! I used my Dad's shirts after he passed away and gave them to family members.


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