Thursday, October 10, 2013

Island, Shmisland

Yes, I know, I am the island queen!  I am not really sure why other than they always sell and are so much fun to make. (Sorry ahead of time for the yellow flash pictures)

I do not think I have ever made two exactly alike, which is part of the appeal also for this abstract, random, not assembly line kind of a girl.

So this one started with a wonderful drawer that was already in a "casing" or had sides and slides so it opens and shuts.  It did not have a top at all.
I added 2x6's for legs, 
a beautiful reclaimed wood top that is polished up with coconut oil,
and a shelf on the bottom for storage and stability (See some of my canned applesauce down there--I made 20 quarts--so yummy!).
I bought this great $2 rusty piece for a towel holder, 
it slides in and out--spray it well so the rust doesn't come off on towels.  Does anyone know what it might have been?  It had a great place on it with holes so it was easy to screw it right on to the island.
A hook and bottle opener finish this island.  She is loaded up, ready for a show this weekend--hope she finds a happy home.


  1. I'd love to know how you decide to price your pieces. I never know what to charge for stuff. Any advice?

  2. What a great piece, Becky! I have no idea what your towel holder used to be...but I love how you re-imagined it!

  3. I am always amazed at all of your wonderful ideas -- am so envious as I can only copy similar things as I have no wonderful brain and imagination like you. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Vickie

  4. Love the island Becky! You did a fabulous job on this one. I've loved all of your islands!

    good luck with the sale, I'm sure this one will go fast!

  5. Becky, You deserve a crown! This Island is fabulous. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

  6. I think it is an old school under the counter towel rack. A guess that is. Love your work and would love to hear you blog about what to charge for your work. Have a blessed day!

  7. Love this! I agree... would love input on pricing. And where do you sell? At shows? Flea markets?
    We are about to buy an old farm... with outbuildings filled with Junque! Can't wait to dig in! :)

  8. How did you attach the top? Obviously from the underside. Did you use pocket screws? Where exactly did you attach the top the sides of the drawers? I would love to see the underside of the top. Great job!!! Love your creations.

  9. No doubt it will...find a happy home!!! Wish it were mine!


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