Thursday, October 3, 2013

My First Ikea Hack

I live in Montana, have I mentioned that ;)?  And while I adore it here, we do lack some of the modern conveniences and amenities of living in a larger (as in population, not land size) area. One of those is we have no IKEA in the state.  Yep, tragic, I know, or so I have heard--I have never been in an IKEA.  I believe the nearest one is in Salt Lake?? or Seattle??

As a result, I have been deprived to have no IKEA furniture to hack (which is the new word for repurpose??).  So, when I spied this little piece with an IKEA stamp at a garage sale for $2 I envisioned my first hack.
I think this was the top part of some type of shelf or desk unit, but I saw a bench.  It needed to be made more sturdy and I chose to put a back on it to do that.  I used some tongue and groove reclaimed flooring (?) for the back, attaching two 1x2's on the back of the top and bottom to secure it.
Here is a hint--when putting board together to make a panel of some type or a sign, you need to put two screws in each board at an angle from each other so the panel or sign is not wonky or doesn't move back and forth.
I attached the back panel to the shelf, i.e. bench with screws through the back.  I added a top trim piece to the back wit the brad nailer.
I painted it in Old Ochre from Annie Sloan.
I did a little distressing--but not much, didn't want the blonde pine to show through too much.
I decided it need a little something else so I stenciled home on the back.  
A place to put on and take off shoes, 
a little shelf for baskets for mittens and hats--
perfect for the entry!


  1. I love this, it is so cute and so creative and so useful, it also looks so easy to make....thanks for your wonderful creative idea...Phyllis

  2. Hey - great job!! It looks great and I love the word "Home" on it...

  3. Love it! I love anything turned into a bench. If I had my way, I'd have 50 ;)

  4. Nice job Becky!... now run and send it to , It's a great project and good exposure!

  5. great hack Becky! :)

    love the color and the stencil!


  6. Aww super cute! And did I know you lived in Montana??? I'm just north of you! not far from the border at all. So cool to find another blogger actually lives fairly close to me!

  7. Very cute! Glad you finally got to join the IKEA club ;-)

  8. Your first Ikea hack may be just the inspiration I need for a spot behind my front door! Thanks a bunch!!


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