Friday, June 13, 2014

Simple Hall Tree DIY

A simple hall tree made from a little of this and a little of that is one of those useful pieces that really works hard in an entryway.

a simple hall tree made from reclaimed wood and an old table

I made this for a show I have coming up! A hall tree that is simple and easy, with, what I think, lovely results.  I started with tis drawerless table (cell phone pic).
an old table with no drawer is transformed into a hall tree
I painted it a few coats of white and then added some beadboard across the front where the drawer was.
cover up a missing drawer with wood on a vintage table
Three pieces of reclaimed wood added to the back, secured with 2x4's across the back,
hall tree made from barn wood and an old table
a little shelf with crown molding across the top,
add molding to scrap wood to build a simple hall tree and coat hook
hooks and a mirror,
hall tree DIY with a mirror and coat hooks
a bottom shelf,
hall tree shelf for extra storage perfect for an entryway
and an awesome blue color I mixed up was all this needed to create a simple and functional hall tree.  
hall tree DIY made with scraps and thrift store table
Oh, why is my hall tree in the grass?  This was right before it was loaded up to head to the show.  I hope this sweet little piece finds a new, happy home!
hall tree to organize the entryway


  1. I love it. Love that color too. Great job. Good luck at show. I hope you sell everything. Wish I was there to see it all.

  2. So creative, where do you get your ideas? Wish you the best on your show tomorrow! :)

  3. Too cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is absolutely famous! I love the raw, textural wood, softened with the soft blue paint. The contrast between the bottom and top of the hall tree is so interesting. Love this creative piece!

  5. I love your hall tree! I haven't made one in a long, long time. :) This makes me want to grab a door and get started!

    time management? THIS 57 year old body hears ya! I promised myself that I was going to work more "banker hours" this year, not pull 10-12 hour days. I've done pretty well with it because of the heat. However, Saturday it was so gorgeous, with an impending heat wave knocking on the door--so I worked from 9-8. I got a lot done, and it's a good thing. The heat is here and it's miserable!
    Now, I'll only work outside for an hour or two on less humid days... I guess I'll be utilizing the basement shop a lot more!


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