Friday, July 3, 2015

Rustic LOVE

LOVE--ain't it grand?  Or in this case grand, BIG, and rustic!
reclaimed wood, rustic, letters, barnwood, big letters, love, beyond the picket fence, rusty, wedding decor
Remember my XO I made for Valentine's Day (SEE HERE)? At the same time I started to make a block letter LOVE.  I got the L and O made and then, well, I suppose life happened or something and I never finished. 

But with moving, I am finding all sorts of things and this was one of those.  So I made a V and E and finished it up.  
rustic wedding, love, letters, reclaimed wood, industrial, rust,
I used barnwood and rusted L brackets (in vinegar and salt) to help put the letters together.  I initially assembled the letters with screws drilled in an an angle through the back.  The L brackets helped secure them.  These are 18 inches tall and sit well on the shelf, but could be hung with D rings. 
reclaimed wood, wedding, rustic, industrial, rust, barn wood, love,
I was inspired by Thistlewood Farm's Pallet letters that you can see HERE. And while I am a little late in completing these for Valentine's Day, they arr perfect for rustic summer weddings.
rustic wedding, love, decor, reclaimed wood, industrial, barn wood, rust, big letters,


  1. I love it. It's rustic and simple. Nice job Becky.

  2. I love it too. I especially like how you put the brackets on the fronts of the letters, clever!


  3. Now that is some rustic loveliness. Love it!

  4. i also love this, rusting the l's was genius xx

  5. Love Love this! May have to try!! Thank you!!

  6. Very nice and even give a modern glimpse of industrial chic too (besides being rustic).

    Becky, what stain is on that shelf they are on?


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