Friday, July 31, 2015

Project Challenge: Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf DIY

Hello and welcome to our monthly project challenge--6 bloggers challenging themselves and YOU to create something with a particular object or material.  
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This month's challenge is reclaimed wood, one of my favorite materials to use. To me, reclaimed wood is any wood that you save from the dump or from being burned.

I was recently visiting my husband's family and my brother-in-law had a lovely stack of grey, weathered wood that he had saved for me from a neighbor.  I knew some of it had to become a bookshelf.
reclaimed wood, bookshelf, DIY, weathered wood, beyond the picket fence,
I started by brushing the wood with a wire brush to remove loose pieces.  I didn't want to sand it because I would lose all of that lovely weathered patina.
salvaged wood, reclaimed wood, bookshelf,
I cut 4 pieces 5 feet tall.  I should have cut 2 5'1" long for the back, but I made this "mistake" work.  I attached a side piece to a back piece,
bookshelf, reclaimed wood, diy, build it, salvaged, beyond the picket fence,
so I had 2 L shaped pieces.
reclaimed wood, diy, salvaged wood, bookshelf,
I then measured across the top of the bookshelf and cut a board this length (241/2") and secured it with 2" screws.  Notice how it is sitting back from the front edges.  Had I cut the two back pieces 1" longer I would have avoided this issue.
reclaimed wood,
I then measured the inside of the shelf across the bottom and cut 4 more shelves this length (22 1/2").  Screw the bottom shelf in place.  Use clamps when necessary.
shelf, reclaimed wood, diy, bookshelf,
I measured down from the top 13 3/4" and marked it with a pencil and then added the next shelf.  I did this with the last two shelves as well.
reclaimed wood, shelf, diy,

shelf, salvaged wood,
I then added a trim piece on the top across the front.
reclaimed wood, shelf, DIY, bookshelf, salvaged, beyond the picket fence,
I have to show two favorite things I have found in the library of our old schoolhouse. This old postcard book
shelf, postcards, Yellowstone, recailmed wood,
with 1908 Yellowstone postcards in it.
reclaimed wood, yellowstone park, postcards, shelf,
And this Girl From Montana book.  I love both of them. 
reclaimed wood, shelf, Montana, old book,
This shelf is a great size--not too big and the grey wood makes me smile!
reclaimed wood, beyond the picket fence, shelf, build it, diy,
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  1. Love your rustic bookshelf! That is so great that your family saves wood for you! I love the tip of using a wire brush to clean up the wood. There's a pile of old wood lying in front of a neighbors house and I think I need to go grab some more now that I know how to clean it up!

  2. I've been wanting to make a bookshelf out of old fencing for so long. Thank you for the measurements and making it look doable! ;) LOVE how yours turned out...and those books? Way fun!

  3. Love this! Love how it's all styled too - great look :)

  4. Great job Becky. I love seeing your reclaimed wood projects. Love the books too, very cool.

  5. I LOVE your bookshelf, Becky! The weathered gray is just beautiful.

  6. Becky your bookshelf is beautiful! I love the way you decorated it with all the teal items :) It will look great in your new home :)

  7. more reclaimed wood projects to put on my to-do list! all so fabulous.




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