Monday, September 14, 2015

Ushering in Autumn, Bit by Bit

I have declare my love for autumn and I am not ashamed.  Yes, I know summer is the most popular season--she is the one that everyone cannot get enough of. 

And while I do love summer as well, autumn is my first love and has my heart always.  

I love freshening up my home in the fall.  I prefer fall cleaning as opposed to spring cleaning. 
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But, let me tell you, I moved two months ago and I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  We listed 92 projects we want to do to our old schoolhouse and all of a sudden I want them all done at once.  I keep trying to remind myself that you eat an elephant one bite at a time and that as long as we are still chewing, we are making progress.

It is fun to decorate a new home, but challenging too.  As I pulled out my autumn decor I didn't have my old familiar places to place it.  And I am still working on where to use some of it.  But, bit by bit autumn is making an appearance in my new home. 
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Bits of it grace one of my front porches (I have 2 porch spaces out front to decorate now).  I love this RC Cola crate and have used it in many places in the past.  I added a handlettered hello fall sign and a plastic pumpkin that I used copper leafing on several years ago.
fall, decor, autumn, porch, pumpkins, gourds, repurposed drawers, curly willows,
My drawer planter (see how to's HERE) holds dried gourds, little pumpkins and leaves.  
pumpkins, fall garland, gourds, drawers, porch,
The bottom drawer contains three pumpkins that I painted with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  They have my old home's address numbers on them, I just turned them around and included a fall garland.
fall, autumn, decor, natural decor, candle, wire basket,
On my kitchen table I purchased this Better Homes and Garden table runner at WalMart--I adore the colors and it's boho vibe.
fall decor, wire basket, antlers, centerpiece, autumn,
I included an eclectic mix of items on the table, all sitting on a wood board slide out board from a desk.  A wire fry basket holds cloth napkins that we use daily,
fall leaves, ironstone, centerpiece, autumn decor,
and a leaf candle was a housewarming gift.  I set it on a canning lid.
fall decor, autumn, fall centerpiece, fall leaves, ironstone pitcher, antler, candle,
I cut natural grasses and branches from our yard.  These won't last long, but are easy to change out and add more when needed. I plopped them organically (i.e. messy!) in an ironstone pitcher.
autumn decor, fall centerpiece, natural, organic, rustic, wire basket,
I added a small deer antler for a rustic touch.
shelf, fall decor, autumn, owl, pumpkin, mercury glass,
My hard to decorate bookshelves (you can read more about them HERE) got a few small autumn touches--a cute owl from my mom, an orange candlestick, and a mercury glass pumpkin.

Yes, it is beginning to look and feel like fall in my new house and I couldn't be happier. Everything was decorated with things I have on hand and cost me nothing, which is even better! Look around your home and yard for deocr you can add into your fall home. 

 Now check out these lovely, doable autumn ideas from some fellow bloggers!!


  1. Love your drawer planters. I have some old drawers in my storage shed. I should get them out & do something similar. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

  2. I love the way you are adding autumn touches to your amazing new home, Becky! The sign in the crate looks so cute!

    1. Thanks Angie! I love that I have some bushes and tress that are turning beautiful colors.

  3. Your fall touches look so pretty in your home. You've gotten a lot of decorating accomplished for being in your home for such a short time. I can imagine that it is really hard to find places for decor when you are used to where you used each piece in your former home.

  4. Becky, I love the fall touches you added and can't believe you even had time to decorate with moving just to months ago. It all looks wonderful and love the vintage pieces you used as well as the natural elements from your yard. have a great week, Lisa

  5. This is beautiful! Gives me some great ideas, thanks! Plus, I feel the same way about Fall, even though I'm never ready for what's around the corner ;)

  6. This is just beautiful!!! I adore your small casual touches like the canning jar lid to hold a candle. So happy you're on the tour.

  7. Ooops, I commented on the how-to post... oh well... Very inspiring! And very nice touches everywhere! Hugs!


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