Wednesday, November 11, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 3, Christmas Storytelling Blocks

If I don't pick up the pace here, we will never get through these 12 Days of Christmas friends, but I am trying!!  
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I have to say I am a bit in love with today's idea and wish I would have thought of it when my kids were little.  These Christmas storytelling blocks will make a great gift for the wee ones in your life.  As a former teacher I know that having kids retelll stories and having them put parts of a story in order is a fantastic learning exercise. 
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I started with eight pallet wood scrap blocks, sanded well.
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After painting the squares light blue, I used chalk to draw simple images to go along with the story of Jesus's birth.
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Here are the blocks before I cleaned them up (wiped off the chalk, sanded off a few mistakes).  If you don't feel like you can paint simple images, use free clipart and decoupage pictures on the blocks.
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I then printed out the Christmas story in eight simple parts. You can hopefully click and print it from HERE.

I decoupaged these onto the back of each corresponding square.  I used the decoupage glue all over the squares to seal them.
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Put them in a bowl or basket and read them to your children.
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Before long, the kids will be playing with the squares, retelling the Christmas story by themselves. 
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And because one reader said they want to see updated pictures of our old schoolhouse, here is a shot of the library right now.
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Did you know in my book there is a chapter on what to do with scrap pallet pieces like the ones I used here for this project?  BUY the book HERE!


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