Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday! Ok, stop reread this verse, I will wait...How does it say we are made? We are made fearfully--which means awesomely and we are made wonderfully!! And y'all, deep in our soul somewhere we know it. But, we forget. We get caught up in this world and let outward things determine our worth: what we do, how much money we make, the number on the scale or pair of jeans, how our children "perform" and behave, the number of likes on an Instagram post, who we are married to, what our homes look like, how many times we go to the gym--all things we allow to tell us how good we are (or aren't). I have told my children many times, and need to remind myself--what the world thinks of us, what we do, how good we are at something does not tell us who we are or decide our worth. Those things can be taken from us in an instant. God tells us who we are, He tells us that we are precious and wonderful and priceless. Let's work on remembering that, let's see others and ourselves through God's eyes--awesome beings created in His image!

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  1. Fearfully & wonderfully indeed! He is the omnipotent artist & we are His canvas. Thank you for your Sunday verse sharing.


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