Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday! Goodness, what a tough week with the attacks in Paris, coming on the heels of a downed plane in Egypt, and so many more tragedies and horrific things happening in our lives. It is enough to make a person want to hide, shut out the world, and try our best to not collapse with anxiety and fear. But, God tells us to NOT FEAR. He tells us He is with us, He is with us no matter what. He strengthens us and upholds us. Fear and anxiety is not from God. We are not meant to worry about what might happen. This week let's try to focus on this truth and not live in fear, but in the peace of knowing God is with us always.


  1. Only because of my faith am I able to keep going & not go crawl in a cave somewhere. He is my strength & my hope.

  2. I'm with Deb....without my faith I'd be lost. Happy belated Sunday. I so love your Sunday verses!

  3. I agree and now, more than ever, we need to share the hope we have and know!


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