Saturday, November 21, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 5, Table Runner, Pillows, and Towels

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Dear Family,

I really was not going to change the Christmas theme and decor this year, really. After all, I changed it all last year, and by golly, it was cute! (See my Funky Lodge LOOK HERE.)

But...I was Christmas shopping at TJ Maxx, for others, and well, they had these adorable tea towels, and well...

I put one set in my cart and then I took it out, and then I put it back in, along with two others. They were only $5 for two towels.  There were lots of different styles and I started seeing more than towels...
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So, I bought three sets and for $15 I have two adorable new towels for Christmas-the ones with sayings on them, two cute pillow covers, 
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and a table runner.  Plus, I am inspired with a new Christmas theme for the year--red, tweedy tan, white, and woodland. 
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To make the pillow covers I folded the towels over to make a square.  I cut the extra end off of each towel and saved it for the runner.
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I used a piece of an old curtain panel for the back of the pillows.  You could use what you have--an old sheet, other towels, scrap of muslin.  I stitched the two pieces together on three sides, leaving the top finished edge open (the towel's finished edge and the curtain's finished edge). 

I stuffed the pillows with these fallish pillows I had bought at Target for 75% off.
I hand-stitched the top closed with buttons.  
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I used the buttons on both sides and will flip the pillows over mid January for Valentine's Day.
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To "free" the pillows I will have to cut the stitching and remove the buttons, but that is okay.  It took less than an hour to close up both pillows--next year I might add velcro and permanently a buttons or even make buttonholes if I am feeling especially patient.
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For the table runner I used the French linen towel for the middle piece.  
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I cut the remaining towel in half and sewed it on to the middle piece.  I then sewed on the small end pieces I had cut off for the pillows to the end of the runner.
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Tune in next week to see the woodsy themed centerpiece I will be adding.
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For $15 and few items I had at home, I have lots of fantastic and fun new decor.  Run to your nearest TJ Maxx today.  No TJ, look at Target and other stores for similar towels and get stitching these easy projects today!


  1. Super cute & budget friendly. I love that they can be used for Valentine's day too. Good job Becky.

    1. Thanks Deb! I might have to buy more to make stockings. I love the prints so much. Need to look first at JoAnns and see if they have anything similar.

  2. OMG! I bought some of those towels last year with the idea in mind to make pillows with them-of course I never did get around to it! Your photo are a great motivation plus I love the button idea.

  3. They sure are cute!! What great projects you shared! I will remember these... Thank you!


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