Monday, November 2, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 1, Pallet Tree

Oh my goodness, my Instagram feed about blew up with Christmas posts on Sunday.  I guess I am not the only blogger and maker getting us in the Christmas mode.
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If you are new here, welcome to day one of my annual 12 Days of Christmas posts--where I share 12 hopefully fresh and new to you ideas WITH tutorials.  This event is like its own mini book.

A few things you should know if you are new here:  the posts will NOT be for the next 12 consecutive days, but my plan is to be done with them by Thanksgiving, the ideas are all fairly easy and INEXPENSIVE things to make for your home, and I do not sing the 12 days of Christmas song for you (In the past I did write really bad poems for it, but I will save you all from that.).

This year in celebration of my book, Crafting with Wood Pallets (BUY HERE), I have decided to make many of the projects from pallets, like this simple tree.

I have made other wood tress, but I have never made them like this and I haven't seen them made this way (although I am sure there are some out there, I didn't look).  This was easier and much faster than any other wood trees I have made and I like it better--win, win!!
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I started with a "solid" pallet--one that didn't have spaces between the pallet boards.  You can use one that has spaces, it will just look a little different.
12 days of Christmas, pallet, tree, DIY,
I used a yardstick and chalk to draw two angled lines.
12 days of Christmas, pallet, tree, DIY,
Using a jigsaw, I cut off the bottom front board.  I cut it away from the middle board first and then just broke it off from the side boards.
12 days of Christmas, pallet, tree, DIY,
Still using the jigsaw, I cut the tree out. I then flipped it over and cut through the 2 back support boards to "release" the tree from the pallet.
12 days of Christmas, pallet, tree, DIY,
My boards were a little loose so I added one screw through the middle of each board.
12 days of Christmas, pallet, tree, DIY,
To make the base, you need to remove the board pieces that are left on the stem. I used a hammer to remove the nails and board.
12 days of Christmas, pallet, tree, DIY,
Cut four 2"x4" boards 12 inches long.  Using 2 1/2" screws, attach two of the boards to the pallet stem going in opposite directions.
12 days of Christmas, pallet, tree, DIY,
Add the other two the other way for a sturdy base that won't tip over.
12 days of Christmas, pallet, tree, DIY,
Now comes the fun part--personalizing and making it UNIQUE.  I left mine rustic and plain and simply added a rusty star from the craft store.
pallet tree, 12 days of Christmas, reclaimed wood, DIY, rustic Christmas, Christmas ideas,
But you can paint it--white, green, all different colors.  You can add lights from the back and let them poke through the board spaces. Pound some small nails all over the front to hang ornaments.  Paint words to a favorite carol on the tree.  Make a whole forest of trees different sizes and have fun!


  1. Becky - CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Love this little tree.


  2. Becky,

    your pallet Christmas tree is so cute! I love how it turned out and I have scheduled a bunch of pins!


  3. I was just helping my husband clean out his shed and told him to leave the pallets for trees. I was going to do exactly this leave them on the board and cut a triangle, seemed simple, I hadn't got farther then the idea so I'll just follow your directions. Thanks, look forward to more.


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