Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12 Days of Christmas, Day 11, Warm and Fuzzy JOY

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Who doesn't need a little warm and fuzzy joy in their lives?  
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This one started with a wood wreath that I picked up at the dollar spot at Target, a set of battery operated twinkle lights (also from Target), and a skein of fuzzy, chenille yarn from Michaels.
Joy, marquee letters, wood wreath, Target dollar spot,
I tied the yarn to the wood wreath and started wrapping it around the wreath and the battery pack.  Wrapping yarn takes longer than one might think.
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 I thought I was going to poke the little lights through the holes on the wreath, but I love copper so I decided to leave the wire out and wrap it around the wreath afterwards.  I did have to pull out a bunch of the yarn and cut it because the skein was too big to fit through the wreath.

I then sketched out a J and a Y on fairly thick cardboard (that I had previously used as a painting mat) and cut them out.  I purposely made them a little better then the wreath or O.  
cardboard letters, marquee letters, Joy sign, Christmas craft,
I hot glued the yarn to them a started wrapping.  The Y was a bit of a challenge.  I started from the bottom.  After wrapping up one side of the Y, I cut the yarn and then started at the middle again and wrapped up the other side.
joy sign, Christmas craft, chenille yarn, twinkle lights, hot glue,
I decided to hang this on the very hard to decorate bookshelves that are by the staircase leading up to my library.  I like the white on the dark wood,
Christmas sign, Joy, craft, yarn, Michaels,
They add some lightness and pop against the dark shelves.  
Christmas sign, Joy, warm and fuzzy, chenille yarn, wreath, DIY,


  1. Great idea - it appears JOY is the word of the season - I'm seeing it everywhere. Love what you did. Love the yard wrapping makes the letters appear like they're wrapped in a sweater.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. Yes, it is a popular word this year. I have always loved it and it is my daughter's middle name. I love this fuzzy yarn, wish I knew how to knit!


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