Wednesday, December 28, 2016

YOUR Favorite Posts in 2016

It is that time of year--time to reflect, look back on the past year--what we liked and well, didn't like.  It is always rewarding for me to look back over my blog posts from the year to see what I accomplished and what you liked and what I liked.
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Today I am sharing YOUR favorite posts from this past year (at least according to my data).
 It is always interesting to see and to wonder why one thing is popular and gets a lot of looks, while another great project does not.  I have learned I can never guess what might be popular with my readers--what I love sometimes y'all could care less for and visa-versa, haha!

Here are YOUR top 5 favorite posts for 2016:

Number 5 is the barn door I made from pallets.  I love this Fort York red color from Fusion Mineral Paint!
red barn door, pallets, salvaged,
Your 4th favorite project from the past year is this coffee table transformation--proof that most things can be upcycled. 
coffee table, upcycled, salvaged wood, repurposed,
These little stools made from pallets are your third favorite post of 2016.
pallet stools, pallet wood, stepstool, farmhouse,
In second place is this fun coffee sign.
coffee sign, salvaged wood, reclaimed wood, coffee cup, hand lettered,
And surprisingly, your number one favorite post, or at least most viewed post, from 2016 is this big pumpkin sign. 
pumpkin sign, reclaimed wood, salvaged sign,
Tomorrow I will share my top favorite posts from this past year.  I am not sure a single one of these posts will make the list, but maybe...


  1. Question at the kitchen island post on the 26th Becky. I'd appreciate your feedback if you could.

  2. I love that pallet wood barn door! So beautiful! Look forward to another year of seeing your talent. :)


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