Friday, December 30, 2016

My Favorite Projects of 2016

I have said it before, but picking favorite projects is like picking favorite kids--it is just not right.

But, each year I do have some projects that I really enjoyed creating.  Usually my favorites are something new that I have not made before or they include a new technique or look.

Here are my 5 favorite projects from this past year:

In fifth place is this kitchen island I made.  I have made many islands over the years, but this one was a little different. I liked the crate "drawer" I included and the tool tote towel holder. 
Favorite number 4 is the coffee table I made from pallet 2"x 4"s. I learned a lot while making this and am gearing up to make another one soon.
This rustic bar made from an old door is my third favorite project from the year. I had this door for years (I think it made two moves with me), and all of sudden I knew what to make with it.  It was also the first time I had made a wine rack this way.  I donated the bar to an auction for our schools booster club and it raised almost $1000.
In the runner-up position is the industrial farmhouse shelf I made using wire bread trays I found at a thrift store.  I would have kept it if I had a place for it, but it found a new home.
My favorite project of the year was this pallet picnic table.  It was easy to make and I had fun painting it. And who doesn't love a picnic?
There you have it, my favorite projects from this past year.  I guess they show that I like to build with pallets and reclaimed wood, I like creating bigger furniture projects, I like to try new things, build things I have never built before.  Thank you for visiting and reading Beyond the Picket Fence, for commenting and sharing.  Here's to 2017 🙌--more building and creating, more sharing!


  1. Wish you a great Happy New Year, Becky!
    many greetings

  2. Awesome projects. I really love the industrial farmhouse shelf. So many good ones. Happy new year to you & yours Becky. 🎉

  3. You are so talented. I am sure the owners of your projects think so as well. Can't see what you do this year.


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