Friday, November 17, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Day 2 Game Board Garland

Make inexpensive Christmas decor from thrift store finds

On the second day of Christmas,
Beyond the Picket Fence gave to me,
An old game board garland for my tree.

use old checker board to make a garland

I love old game boards and have a tendency to collect them, but never use them. They have great graphics and colors, but do not do much for me sitting in a box for "someday". I finally decided to use some for some Christmas garlands.
use vintage game boards to make garlands
To make these, gather a few cardboard game boards. Decide on the size of alphabet stencils you are using.

Cut the game boards into rectangles or squares, using a metal straight edge and an exacto knife or box cutter.
If you are going to leave the outside edge and follow the squares on the game board, your garland squares will be slightly different sized, but that doesn't bother me at all. 
Lightly sand the edges and the board pieces for a weathered, aged look. This is messy!
Stencil the letters to spell Christmas words like JOY, NOEL, PEACE, BELIEVE, HOHOHO, SANTA, JESUS, etc. You can use a clear spray coat to better protect the garland letters.

Drill holes in the corners of the game board pieces. I hole-punched the BINGO cards. String the garland on a ribbon or piece of jute.
Tie ribbons or fabric strips between and at the ends of the letters to hold them into place.

These look so cute on a tree (my porch tree shown yesterday is the only tree I have up right now), or on coat hooks or hanging across a window.

make garlands for Christmas using old game board from the thrift store


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