Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Verses

devotional on persevering through the tough times
Happy Sunday! During a recent stop by the local ski hill (which was not open yet) to check out the new ski lift, this safety panel caught my eye. I thought, "Gosh, how many of us wish we had a similar control panel on our lives?" What if we could simply cancel the tough stuff, slow life down, skip a trial, or use the emergency shut down button when we didn't want to go through something? But, unfortunately, life does not work that way and we ALL have hard things to experience and endure. Persevering through the trials makes us stronger, more mature, and transforms us more into the people God wants us to be. Jesus knows life is not easy, he sees us struggle, and through it all he promises to never leave us, he promises to comfort us, and he promises to turn our defeats into victories. These promises encourage me and help me to endure during the trials and I hope they encourage you too. Have a wonderful week!

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