Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Verses

devotional about God untangling the messes in our lives
Happy Sunday! This past week we started hauling the Christmas boxes out. It seems that no matter how well we put things away, there is still work to do to prepare everything before we can use it. The lights are typically the biggest challenge, untangling them and making sure each bulb works. We find that it is best to start at one end and work light by light--it is much less overwhelming and easier than trying to work with the whole strand at once. Life often feels like a tangled strand of half-working lights. It is messy and all of the parts aren't working for us. But...God is with us, untangling each "knot", and if we let him, fixing each piece that needs it. It may happen bit by bit, but he promises us that HIS strength and peace is with us through it all. Let's rest our jumbled, muddled lives in that truth.

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  1. Becky, you're getting an early start! Wonderful message today. When I look back I can see that God has gotten me through so much, but while going through more, it's sometimes hard to remember how HE never leaves us and will see us through this too.


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