Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Hall Tree

Well, the red hutch I shared (HERE) last week only lasted a few days before it sold, yay! But, that meant I needed to get something else in its place. I wanted something with some height and the same rustic feel. This rustic hall tree and bench is what I came up with:

make a rustic hall tree from reclaimed wood

This came together piece by piece, i.e. I had no plan. I started with a great barnwood board that I cut in half to make a bench seat. I used pallet wood to make the apron of the seat and fence posts for the front legs. I added six foot pallet 2" x 4" boards to the back for the legs and the uprights. 
Rustic Reclaimed Wood Hall Tree
(I found this little case at the thrift store. I painted it red and stenciled snowflakes on it.)

Reclaimed wood boards (trim from our old schoolhouse, beadboard from a 1900's home, pallet and fence boards, barnwood) were attached to the 2" x 4" boards with glue and my nail gun.  I used heavier boards on the bottom so that the bench would not be tippy.
rustic reclaimed hall tree and bench

I painted a few boards red and few white, sanded them and finished with a clear coat. A craft store mirror secured with leather belt pieces on the corners and hooks finished the hall tree.

rustic cabin style hall tree with storage
I also made and sold this rustic hall tree at a show last week. I didn't get a chance to get great pictures of it, but it is a fun piece!


  1. Those hall trees are just stunning. I like them both!

    The flannel shirts are interesting. Do you bleach out the bottoms of them?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I sit them halfway in a sink of bleach. Some don't bleach out, but most do.

  2. I really appreciate the creativeness of your mind that how quickly and beautifully you manage to get the right things for the decoration with the right qualities.


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