Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thrifty Thursday Wood Plate Upcycle

Thrifty Thursday at Beyond the Picket Fence
It has not been my plan to make all of my Thrifty Thursday projects from something round, but, well, week I will think square! This week's project starts with round, wood plates. These look like they were used for actual plates, but I I often see wood chargers at thrift stores.
upcycle and repurpose thrift store plates

I though of a lot of different projects to upcycle these wood plates, but decided on a colorful, fun coat hook.

Make a Colorful Coat Rack from Thrift Store Plates

 join the wood plates together with a thin piece of wood
I lightly sanded the plates and then joined them together on the back with a thin piece of lauan. Because the plates are pretty thin and I could only use 1/2" screws, I did apply some wood glue to the luaun piece. 
paint the plates with three or four different colors
I then painted the plates, using white first (unnecessary) and then four colors that blend well together--bright yellow, green, aqua, and teal. I use the same paint brush and layer the colors on, not waiting for them to dry. I tried to have one color be a little more prominent on the top of each different plate. Tip--use colors that blend well together. Start painting with your lightest color. Do not completely cover teach paint layer--just blend and swirl it together. I painted in a circular motion.
scrape off the extra paint to expose some wood
When the paint is ALMOST dry, I use a piece of scrap wood and scrape some of the color off and expose some of the wood. If I scrape too much, I use my fingers to add a little more paint. I scraped and finger painted until I was happy and then let the paint dry.
add hooks to wood plates to make a coat hook
I then added hooks to the plates. Again, because the wood is not overly thick and I used 1/2" metal or machine screws, I applied a bit of two-part epoxy on the back of the hooks. They feel very secure.
a colorful boho fun coat hook made from thrift store plates
Some D-rings on the back allow the colorful coat hook to hang evenly. I did use a clear spray over the paint to seal it. I think it is a fun and different coat hook. It would look cute in a bathroom for towels or on a fence for pool or hot tub towels.  
Make a Colorful Coat Rack from Thrift Store Plates
A few other ideas I had for the joined wood plates were to hang them vertically and add a binder clip to each one to hold a picture, paint EAT on them and use smaller hooks to hang pot holders and aprons, paint 1,2,3 on the plates, add a small, round mirror to the middle of each plate. 
Make a Colorful Coat Rack from Thrift Store Plates


  1. Lots of good ideas. I do see these frequently at the thrift stores.

    1. Thanks! I have 3 or 4 more and have a few different ideas for them.

  2. Such a creative idea! I love the way you blend your paint colors. It's so unique!!

  3. What a unique and fun idea! Love the pop of color against the brick.


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