Thursday, September 6, 2018

Farmhouse Sign for Fall

Before I share my newest sign for fall, it is time to announce the 
WINNER of the Fusion Mineral Paint Giveaway...
Kristen Decker! Kristen, please email me to receive your paint! Thanks to all who entered.
Fusion Mineral Paint
Hubby recently took apart some old pallets we had lying around. Some narrow, grey, boards were calling to be joined together for a sign. Mind you, I had no idea what sign, but I secured them together to create a 40" x 28" blank sign board.
stencil a sign for fall
I decided I wanted a farmhouse look which for me, means white and black. After painting the background, I used individual letter stencils to create a sign perfect for fall.

Fall Sign Made from Pallets
Letter stenciling tips: 1.) Draw a line to keep letters straight. 2.) Find the middle of your sign and generally place the middle letter of your word here. However, keep in mind that some letters take up more space like the M and an I doesn't take up much space. 3.) Use a pencil on a light background, chalk on a dark background to lightly draw the edges of the letters so you can check letter spacing. 4.) Dab off most of the paint from your stencil brush. 5.) Keep the brush straight up and down. 6.) Use a smaller, detail brush to fill in the gaps where the stencil connects.
Farmhouse Sign for Fall
The curved part of the sign is a little tougher to get looking even, but using a ruler to measure parts of the curve helps. I free-hand painted the pumpkin on the sign, after drawing it on there with a pencil.
Farmhouse Sign for Fall
A little hand sanding to distress the sign after the paint was dry finished the farmhouse look. 
Farmhouse Sign for Fall
This is my kind of sign for fall because it can be used from September through Thanksgiving. 

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