Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Taking Time to Pause
Happy Sunday! Life is busy, there is always 'something". Life does not and will not stand still, but we can. God talks about pausing, being still, going to a quiet place throughout the Bible. He knows the value in practicing the pause, in rest. God even built in a day of rest into each week and commands us to keep practicing it. We have all mastered busyness so well that we have to actually work at pausing, practice being still. Stillness is the place where we let go and allow God to work, it is where we renew our spirits, where we hear his voice. Today, not matter how much you have to do, take some time (at least 30 minutes) to be quiet, to be still. Turn the phone to silent, the TV off, settle your brain and simply rest.

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