Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday Verses

Knowing Right from Wrong and Trusting Intuition
Happy Sunday! Do you ever just get a gut feeling about something and you don't know if you should trust it or not? Our "guts", intuition, insights, and discernment are all gifts from God. The problem is, we often forget to use these gifts because they get buried, hidden, and disguised by the worldly stuff. Sometimes we know the truth, but we don't want to see it because it is difficult to hear. Fears and worries mask our instincts. I know that when I have ignored hunches and have turned a deaf ear to my intuition, I have regretted it. We sense what is right, we inherently know what is true, but we often don't trust it. We need to listen to our hearts, to God, and lean on what and WHO we know is right, and true, and good. This week pay attention to those deep, tugging feelings and listen to and heed wise counsel.

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