Friday, December 18, 2020

12 Days o Christmas Day 10 Easy Ornaments Made From Blocks

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas
I am still tweaking my Christmas decorations here and there and decided I needed (and I use the term needed loosely) a few more ornaments. So, I went to my little craft stash (a few shoeboxes filled with junk, aka treasures) and found some blocks to play with. Um, oops, I didn't mean to spell out an inappropriate saying in the middle of the ABC blocks.
Turn Children's Blocks Into Ornaments

I knew a little paint and some beads and tassels would easily transform these children's toys into ornaments. 

Easy DIY Ornaments Made From Blocks
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I sanded the letter blocks--these are really old and if I had more I would have kept them as letter blocks) and then using the Mini Christmas Trees Sign Stencil from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils (Buy HERE), I stenciled the cute, little tree on both sides. I used white paint for two and green paint for two. 
Old Sign Stencils Mini Christmas Trees
Old Sign stencils has lots of other stencils that would work on these little blocks too.
Easy DIY Ornaments Made From Blocks
I drilled holes in the top and bottom of the blocks and screwed in eye screws. Using floral wire, I added a jute tassel and a few wood beads at the top.
Easy DIY Ornaments Made From Blocks
You can still faintly see the letters on them, I did that on purpose so you could see what the ornament was made from. 
Easy DIY Ornaments Made From Blocks
The small house blocks were probably part of a welcome sign as they have E's on them. You can find house shaped blocks at the thrift store.
Easy DIY Ornaments Made From Blocks
 I painted them white, repainted the roof and bottom black, and painted a door and windows on them. An eye hook and some beads at the top for hanging, and you have some sweet ornaments. These would be fun as gifts for someone who is celebrating Christmas in a new home. Stencils, a little paint and twine, and something to paint on and you can make a whole tree full of ornaments in an afternoon. Besides blocks you could paint on jenga game pieces, on wood scraps, on wood spoons cut shorter. LOOK around your home and have a little fun!

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