Wednesday, December 9, 2020

12 Days of Christmas Day 7 Temporary Christmas Art

12 Days of Christmas Ideas

If you took my Christmas Home Tour (see post below if you missed it), you might have spied my snowy woods Christmas art.
Stencil a Temporary Christmas Art Piece
I have enjoyed creating Christmas decor this year that is temporary or found or foraged. Living in a smaller house with not a lot of storage options encouraged me to not buy or make a lot of new Christmas STUFF that I would have to store for eleven months. I knew I wanted a Christmasy art picture in the spot above my little picture ledge, but wasn't sure what to use that wouldn't need storing.
How to Stencil A Temporary Christmas Picture
I thought about hanging some wrapping paper, but I didn't have any that went with my natural, boho, pine loving theme. Then, I remembered I had a couple canvases in the garage that I had grabbed from the FREE spot at the dump. 
Free Canvas From the Dump
I sanded the larger canvas a bit because the flowers on it were raised. I thought I might recover the canvas in dropcloth, but I wanted something even more temporary than fabric. I found some fly fishing wrapping paper that was plain, paper bag brown on the back to use. I wadded the paper up to give it some texture and then smoothed it out and taped it to the back of the dump canvas.
Tape Brown Paper to a Canvas Frame
Using a natural bristle chip brush, I dry brushed white, acrylic, craft paint on the paper. Without waiting for the paint to fully dry and without cleaning my brush, I dry brushed some green and tan paint over the white, making brush strokes both vertically and horizontally. When this was dry, I finished with a little more white dry brushing. The paper really looked like canvas after the dry brushing.
Stencil Christmas Art on a Brown Paper Canvas
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Christmas Stencil
Using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils (GET YOURS HERE) You Cut Tree Farm stencil, I stenciled trees around the canvas, overlapping some and stenciling only the top part on some to make shorter trees. I made sure I dabbed or tapped off most of the paint before stenciling.

When the trees were dry, using the Winter Graphics stencil to stencil three different sized snowflakes over the trees. I wanted a winter wonderland, snowy forest so I stenciled lots of snowflakes. 
Stencil DIY Christmas Art
I finished the Christmas art by splattering white paint over all of it. To do this, I use a hammer to tap my paint loaded chip brush. I put the canvas in a box  and splattered in the garage to avoid messes.

I love how the Christmas "canvas" fits in this vignette. The mirror got a temporary Christmas stencil (see here).
Natural Christmas Vignette
The embroidery hoop "wreath" got its winter look with the removal of fall branches. I added pine and one more pinecone to it. You can see how I made it HERE.

After Christmas, my stenciled art will most likely become fire starter. Not that I don't love it, because I do. But, next year I will want something else. I have learned over the years that I like to change up my decor and when I store something like this, I never use it again. If I think I might want to use it next year, I can roll the paper up and put it in a wrapping paper tube, which will take very little space. The dump canvas will go back to my project area in the garage until I have a more permanent project for it.

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