Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday Verses

Inspiring Verse
Happy Sunday! We all have some battle, some uphill climb that we face. Each person's struggle, mountain, staircase looks different. When someone we love and care about is hurting, we want to make everything better and take their pain away. But, because our strife is unique, we cannot  complete someone else's arduous climb for them. We can't fix it or make everything better, even though we so badly want to. What we can do, however, is lighten the sufferer's load and help bear the burden. We do this by listening, by being present, by holding a hand, by praying. When your dear ones are hurting, when the scramble is steep, do not take the strength building, hard climb away from them, but rather offer hope and encouragement and life-giving tools to teach them and help how to ascend their staircase step by step.

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