Friday, December 4, 2020

12 Days of Christmas Day 6 Cute Curtain Ring Ornaments

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas shall I decorate thee this year? Decorating the tree happens in layers at my house. First, I like it just with lights on it, then garland and a few ornaments. After a few days of that, I add more ornaments, mostly in one or two colors. 

I've added the tassled pinecones I made (HERE), and some warm and fuzzy ornaments (see tutorial from a few years ago HERE), and snowflake ornaments. 
Cute Boho DIY Christmas Ornaments
I decide I wanted a few more natural looking, boho style ornaments so I dug around in my craft supplies and found some wood curtain rings and wrapped them to make these cute ornaments.
Thrift Store Curtain Rings
I bought these awhile back at the thrift store to possible use as their intended use. MOST thrift stores have some type of curtain rings at all times. Plastic ones would work too for this project. I remember making some ornaments as a kid with wood rings like these. I would cut out Christmas card photos and cut them in a circle and glue them to the ring. 
Cute DIY BOHO Ornaments
I used the thick, cozy yarn I used to make the boho snowflakes (HERE) and some thick jute (another past thrift store purchase) to wrap around the curtain rings. Using about a yard of yarn or jute and securing it with a dot of glue near they eye bolt, I wrapped the curtain ring. I was able to wrap a dozen in about an hour.
Cute DIY BOHO Ornaments
I added some tassels I made while watching a movie the other night. I made these from cotton yarn, green and natural jute, baker's twine.
Cute DIY BOHO Ornaments
I strung the tassel through the eye bolt and tied a knot in the top. When hanging the ornaments, I placed the tassel off to the side with some, 
Cute DIY BOHO Ornaments
and right in the middle with others.
Cute DIY BOHO Ornaments
These boho, natural ornaments cost lest than a quarter each to make, are quick, and better yet, I like how they look hanging on my tree.
Cute DIY BOHO Ornaments
They would be cute on a garland, hanging from a stocking, or as a package decoration. 
Cute DIY BOHO Ornaments
Now, to decide if the tree is done or if all of the memory ornaments will be coming out. With no kids at home, I think I might be keeping it simple this year.

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  1. I remember making similar ones years ago...don't know what happened to them though:) I do love handmade ornaments.


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