Monday, December 14, 2020

12 Days of Christmas Day 8 Twigs and Stockings

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas

And the stockings were hung...

Make Stockings From Thrift Store Items
So, I have a confession...I think I might have a stocking problem. Here's the thing, when you (and by you I mean ME) frequently change up your Christmas decor scheme, new stockings are necessary. This is the fifth set of stockings I have made in 32 years of marriage, that isn't too many, is it?
My first set I made before I had kids, but I made five because I knew we wanted three kids. I still have that set with our names embroidered on the top. The next set were made out of white thrift store sweaters, I sold them after we used them for many years. I made a flannel patchwork set out of thrift store shirts and pajamas (SEE THOSE HERE) and I sold those when I sewed up a red set from thrift store fabric HERE (do we see a theme here?). I am holding onto the red ones because I am sure I will decorate with red again another year.
Use Thrift Store Clothes and Linen for Stockings
But, because I am going for a more natural theme and color scheme this year, I decided to sew up new stockings from thrift store items. I took a picture of the items I used, but can't find the photo anywhere. I used a faux suede, fur lined vest, a wool sweater that I had bought to wear but it was too big and too itchy, a fabric curtain, a quilted pillow sham, and a flannel blazer. I spent less than $10 on all items to make six stockings.
Natural Boho DIY Stockings
I traced an old stocking on parchment paper to use as a pattern. I used ironed on interfacing to give the stockings more structure. Remember to clip your curves. I made cuffs for each stocking out of a different stocking "fabric" and added loops to hang the stockings.
Twig Tags
I needed stocking tags and wanted something simple, natural, from found materials. Twigs from some branches hubby cut off our pine tree were the perfect solution. We have been using them for kindling, but I salvaged a few.
Stocking Tags Made From Twigs
I simply hot glued the letter parts together and added some twine or string to finish the rustic look.
Stocking Tags From Nature
I was hoping to find some bendable sticks, and did find one for the bottom of my B, but for the P and upper part of the B I pieced the twigs. A string hot glued to the back works great to tie the initial on the stocking.
Natural Boho Stockings and Stocking Tags
I love how simple these are and their organic feel.
Forage for Decor
I also used some of the twigs, a larger stick, and a block of wood to create a star for my nativity set.
Make a Nativity Star
I drilled a hole in the block and wedged the larger stick in the hole. I then hot glued a star together.
Hot Glue Twigs Together to Make a Star
I glued it on to the pole and added battery operated twinkle lights.
Natural Nativity
When I taught school I would do a creativity exercise with my students where I would show them something and ask, "What are the many varied and unusual uses for this item?" They would have a short amount of time to brainstorm as many ideas as they could. When people say they aren't creative I want to say, "You just need to practice it." Putting parameters sometimes helps to force creativity. Trying to use what I have or what I can find for my Christmas decor has encouraged me to create new things. Before going out to buy something new, look in your stash, even if it is the yard clippings, and see what you can come up with.


  1. I make needlepoint stockings that I design myself. Every family member has one! I used to sell them but have not done so in a long time. My dear friends and their family also got them.

  2. Makes me want to make some new stockings!


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