Tuesday, December 15, 2020

12 Days of Christmas Day 9 Easy Wood Wall Hanging

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas

I knew I needed a little something in this wall space between our front door and family room windows. Normally I have a lovely piece of art picturing the Montana mountains that hangs there, but the blues and oranges weren't working with my natural and green Christmas color scheme. 

I knew I wanted something natural, something temporary that won't be stored, and something with a rustic, boho feel. 
DIY Wood Wall Hanging for Christmas

This wood wall hanging is the perfect solution and took me 20 minutes or less to make.

Use Wood Scraps to Make a Wood Wall Hanging
I started with some kindling pieces that we have--some bark cutoffs from logs. YOU could use twigs (easy to cut with garden snips), light, smooth dowels cut at the hardware store for a cleaner, more modern look, lots of pieces of heavy gauge wire for an industrial look, pieces of brightly colored plastic hangers, painted or stained 1" x 1" pieces. Basically anything that can be cut into different lengths that will hold a rigid shape.
Use Wood Scraps to Make a Wood Wall Hanging
After cutting graduating lengths, I doubled a thick piece of jute and hot glued it to the back. Hot glue works well with fabric, jute, etc. It doesn't hold up great if you want to hang it outside in varying temperatures. I would use a slower drying Gorilla or super glue for that.
Hot Glue Jute to the Back of Wood Scraps to Make a Wall Hanging
You could use ribbon, yarn, wire to join the pieces, whatever fits your theme. A wood bead or two added between each piece would be cute too. I tied some thinner jute pieces in varying lengths to the bottom. HINT--for curly jute strings, pull from from the center of the jute ball. 
Use Wood Scraps to Make a Wood Wall Hanging
I thought about painting a star on the top piece, but decide I might use this wood wall hanging "tree" after Christmas too. If not it will go back into the kindling bin.
Natural Boho Christmas Decor
I clearly need to get working on some window treatments for our new home, but that probably won't happen until after Christmas. Until then, I am loving how warm and cozy the natural, boho Christmas decor feels in our little home.

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  1. Super cute idea!!! You're house is coming together so wonderfully!


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